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Spittzwell x Ekundayo: Summer Daze Vol. 2

by Ekundayo

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black matter is live takes up the space outta my mind and into the bass when it enter the body the soul start to shake the limbs follow its lead the soles on my feet embrace the ground w speed my face scrunched up till there’s folds on my cheeks my tongue unhidden as to taste the rhythm- it speaks and told me to take the rug and cut it we’ve quaked above the floor since days of commence meant to peel the load off we summit in joy, the movement the body to groove with the black whole, marching on yellow hued brick to match the shoes, kicks laced in gold the new drip and they ease on down the blueprint carrying nothing, reaching to zoe the blues without the feeling So they never really stole the music they might use it, but when the rhythm speaks a native language to give clues it leaves its children to intuit Get into it Get into it, get into it The music
Brainstorming to change form into something strange and foreign Them lames aim is boring Got me snoring Now I’m dozing They must dosing I adios him Cause he posing Like he holding I got the pull with no strings Attached to me Actually the raps could smack cats silly These dudes ain’t factual they facsimiles They admittedly act timidly Can’t mimic me My congregation is a constellation Black ministries Rap trilogy That trinity They imagination lacks imagery What you telling me You can be cocky being a copy of a copy You sloppy papi How I’m rocking is toxin free So any bad energy get slashedi like an apostrophe Obviously You follow anything that’s a hot commodity That’s not a hot policy You Get a popped top with no apologies 🎵They coming with that same old lame old game No aim It’s such a shame They coming with that same old lame old game No aim they all the same🎵 Im an anomaly because I honor me I’m the kinda seer To explain sound with words like Onomatopoeia I’d a seen Ya if you wasn’t just another skeemer Ima dreamer Living every minute to bring it life With minimal fights You miserable like Your only way to win is to bite Whatever happened to individualism Though we connected by an invisible ribbon We have our own perspectives Respected way to sit in the rhythm So I’m not gone do it the way you did Ima look for a new twist You know something deep you can quote like Confucius They all smoke and no fire Can’t roll like poked tires Livest yet private jet they coach flyers If I’m correct ima threat to those liars So I project so I can go higher The most precise nicest flips with no wires 🎵They coming with that same old lame old game No aim It’s such a shame They coming with that same old lame old game No aim they all the same🎵
You don’t want me You just want to rip me apart You don’t love me You just think how I love is an art And you want to be a part Of the drama side Homicide Of my honor and pride Ima ride Ima survive Ima thrive I ain’t letting you win I ain’t letting you in Yesterday was then and today is a different thing Forward is the motion cause you causing a commotion Trying to get me caught up emotions I breathe then I see the games you promoting And I want no parts Used to let my tongue go spark But now I play the humble part Not a scratch or a mark From your darts Ganja in the Frunto spark Meditation in some unknown park Till the sun go dark And I come home parched Rather that than living with a crumbled heart So I’m breezin While it’s still beating You reaching Barking like tree skin You don’t want me You just want to rip me apart You don’t love me You just think how I love is an art It was Me My enemy my enemy It was Me My energy my energy It was Me I can finally see So now I’m free It was my frequency My melody You ever had beef with your shadow That grief like an arrow Leave you weak from the amo When your enemy is you can’t even use your camo Everyday is like a battle So sad but got stay up on the saddle Keep your hand upon the paddle Through ruff and calm water I adjust my scarred aura I Give me true love And move up in a calm order Better than beating myself up til I’m slaughtered Contorted and unsorted You could run far as the suns borders It’s no running from your self Even with a sword on your back and a gun under your belt
The Destiny 03:12
The Outro 03:33


This a collaborative work consisting of seven songs. It is produced by Spittzwell and wrapped by me. I have a few special guests on there, maassai, Boog Brown, El Sun, Great Scott and Clifton Haston on saxophone.

Truly some good music. Spittzwell, once again created a full, rich, thought inspiring soundscape. Music is my therapy, it is my medicine. I used this opportunity to release some energy and expound on things on my mind. Ranging from Individuality, love lost, self love, self worth and the simple need to be at peace. To see the world in its present state from the perspective of a black man living in America.

“For me, this is an audio journal of sorts. A tangible record of me doing the self work, if you will.” - Ekundayo

Spittzwell x Ekundayo: Summer Daze Vol. 2


released July 31, 2020

Ekundayo Donegan/ Nyame Dua Publishing
Nick Gruttadauria / Spittzwell BMI
Elsie Swann/Boogie Brown Girl
Maassai Collier/maassai
James Woods
Quamilus Scott
Marcus Troy
Clifton Haston
DJ Nervex


all rights reserved



Ekundayo New York, New York

Ekundayo the Mountenliun is a Brooklyn born, Long Island raised, Atlanta based emcee. A breath of fresh air. Ekundayo takes us on a journey of spirit, culture and love. An emcees emcee

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